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Elephants have been my “soulmates” from early childhood on & keep on following me through my life’s journey. My fascination & adoration for these amazing & highly intelligent creatures is ever growing for many reasons; their emotional depth, matched with their complex cleverness as animals, which is thought to surpass many different types of species in the animal kingdom; their ability to feel happiness, sadness & grief as well as their problem solving skills and their keen sense of herd are just a few notable mentions – my core passion however is to Preserve Their Existence. The illegal Ivory Trade worldwide has made Elephants one of the main targets for Poaching & Exploitation into threatening Extinction. Despite a 2016 Federal ban on commercial ivory imports, the U.S. is still among the top markets for Ivory, along with China, which has banned the trade, and Japan, which has not. 

What can YOU Do to help preserve their existence for future generations? Get Involved! Stay away from purchasing jewelry and carvings made from Ivory. Help Pursue State Bans in our state on Ivory from trafficking and trophy hunting. Get Educated! Visit the following websites to find How YOU Can make a Difference.

Meet “Malima:

My Orphan Foster Elephant 

“Malima” – which means “mound” in Swahili – is a nod to how this 5 month old orphaned female elephant was rescued. She was found unresponsive on a mound of earth in front of the Aruba Lodge at the Sheldrick Wildlife Sanctuary in Tsavo National Park in East Kenia, Africa. I have followed her “journey” since 2018 – through loving care by the DWST Works Manager, she has grown to be a jolly and happy 3 years old and has earned the Title of “Queen of Mud Bath”; she will stay at the Sanctuary until she is deemed “mature” & ready to join the rest of the herd in the Sanctuary. 

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